What a Silly Scandal

I was recommended this TV show called SCANDAL! Watched episode 10 of season 2 “One for the Dog”.

Its 24 meets Grey’s Anatomy with fierce dialogue like “I am the United States, sir! Shut your mouth! Waterboard’em again!”, then the head of Homeland Security snaps his fingers in the Attorney General’s face.
Kerry Washington is Olivia, the presidents press secretary or something. She’s like a Jack Bauer that lies and cock teases a single Black congressman for leverage just to curl up with married White version Prez Obama who just got Lincolned. scandal
There’s an evil Hilary Clinton vice president warmonger in control while the prez is in a coma. Olivia puts out the lie that the Prez is healthy to stop Hil so another war doesn’t jump off.

Will the country find out about this scandal? Will she try other assassins on Liv’s boo?
DOESN’T MATTER – cause the chief of staff and his gay husband got their nigglet daughter after all.

Think I’ll watch Homeland instead.

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