Tyler Perry’s Glee = #Empire

Every Black woman on my feeds is throwing up either #Scandal or #Empire. I’ve already reviewed Scandal – Grey’s Anatomy turned to politics. I guess Kerry Washington’s bourgie character wasn’t good enough for the hood.

Enter Cookie, Taraji Henson’s ex-con baby-mama ex-wife Empire character and her story of getting what she’s owed regardless of the hatin’ ass Black men in her way (her ex-husband and three sons).

Lucius Lyons is Terence Howard’s husband rap mogul green-eyed good-hair main character trying to decide which son will inherit his music label Empire. BET presents King Lear.

The great songs in this show making it like Glee, although there’s only 1 gay: super talented son Jamal, who should run the label Empire. Lucius can’t choose Jamal because we know how folks hate gay entertainers like Elton John, David Bowie and probably Luther Vandross.

Lucius chooses his Chris Brown like lazy spoiled son Hakim. Too bad the kid didnt get raised by Cookie. If so he wouldn’t be so pussy whippable by Black British cougers like Naomi Campbell. At least he doesn’t hit her.

His oldest son Andre is an educated business dude that has really helped the company build. Sadly, he married a White woman who drove him crazy (the way they always do right). It’s more likely he realized he was a character in this race-pandering drama turned satire.


Good news: Precious is on the show and doing well.


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