#ConfederateFlag = Southern Fun

When I was a lil kid and White people were just the weird milky TV people, the Stars and Bars were the symbol of the Dukes of Hazzard. Two fun dudes who only said nigger off camera when referring to the hard ass sheriff of Chickisaw county (early Herman Caine analog).

Now the flag of slavery is being wiped away because it makes rednecks get crazy with guns – scientifically proven. Southern folks are of course ultra liberal and eager to put that history behind them. We all know how progressive the average incestful Alabaman roadkill forager is right?

In my heart, the Confederate flag will always stand for country values. Taking the law into your hands with explosive arrows while recklessly driving to smuggle moonshine to pay for your hot cousin’s secret abortions.

Good ole boy, ne’er meanin no harm.

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