Girls, Time 2 Get #Sexy #ISwipedLeftBecause

The new AXE body spray / douche marinade states “For Him” Meaning there is now AXE … FOR HER!!! Now girls that smell like dudes that smell like tuna casserole can cover their funk! Soap is for Moms. Try out any of the refreshing Lady AXE scents : VIP Room Floor, Slut Shame, Aimless Aspiration […]

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Tyler Perry’s Glee = #Empire

Every Black woman on my feeds is throwing up either #Scandal or #Empire. I’ve already reviewed Scandal – Grey’s Anatomy turned to politics. I guess Kerry Washington’s bourgie character wasn’t good enough for the hood. Enter Cookie, Taraji Henson’s ex-con baby-mama ex-wife Empire character and her story of getting what she’s owed regardless of the […]

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Enjoy your Chitlins

My Grandma loves chitlins, stewed pork intestines. I’ve NEVER tried them. The preparation. The smell. They’re not something I would enjoy. She adores them. So be it. I still love her. Thank you Grandma for teaching me to not be homophobic. Everyone has should enjoy what they love.

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Weekly Pride

I’m celebrating the best posts of the week!! From my Facebook page: “Stick to your principles. I don’t do shit jokes. I want to post ‘My high fiber diet makes me undertake an Operation Jumbo Drop 4 times a day!’, but that would be beneath me. I won’t even make a pun from ‘beneath me’.” […]

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What a Silly Scandal

I was recommended this TV show called SCANDAL! Watched episode 10 of season 2 “One for the Dog”. Its 24 meets Grey’s Anatomy with fierce dialogue like “I am the United States, sir! Shut your mouth! Waterboard’em again!”, then the head of Homeland Security snaps his fingers in the Attorney General’s face. Kerry Washington is […]

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