Loyd who?


Having started at a small bar open mic near his hometown of Detroit in 2011, Loyd (no, that’s not a typo) Digg can often be found performing in clubs, bars and the occasional comic book shop around the mid-west. He has worked at Mark Ridley’s Comedy CastleThe Holly HotelAnn Arbor Comedy Showcase and 313 Comedy at Detroit Shipping Co.

Digg highlights the ridiculous truths of daily life with just the right amount of edge to tickle and entertain. When charging through a rant, he builds up such gusto and fervor that folks are frequently left remarking, “He’s really energetic for a fat guy.”

Whether effortlessly eliciting laughter with obnoxious observations or offering funny fantasies for comedy crowd elation, Loyd is an ever-eager crowd pleaser.

LoydDigg@gmail.com for Booking